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With exceptional service and competitive pricing, we distribute top quality electronic components for the automotive industry.

Industrial Automation

Electronic components are crucial for industrial automation and we at J2Sourcing supply high-quality components for this industry.


High-quality electronic components are essential for the medical industry and we can support you with quality and fast delivery.

Aerospace and Defence

J2 Aerospace has extensive experience in providing comprehensive aircraft inventory support and component services for leading airlines and MROs.

Energy and Agriculture

Electronic components power the future of green energy and with many autonomous vehicles and drones, J2 sourcing can source all possible parts.


Innovative electronic components drive the advancements of telecommunications. From our range of suppliers and stock, we can guarantee to deliver the parts to you.

Who We Are

We are driven by one thing, and one thing only – adding value to our customers.

J2 Sourcing AB has been a service provider for the global manufacturing industry since 2004. We aim to support every industry segment with tailor-made solutions to achieve efficiency in the supply chain while adhering to strict quality standards and excellent customer service.


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Quality Guarantee

All items that enter and leave our hubs are checked and controlled under PRO-STD-001 & IDEA-STD-1010-B inspection procedures. Our Quality Control staff are regularly taking part in activities to develop and fine-tune their skills, as well as keeping their certifications up to date with external education programs.

To maintain a high level of integrity and trust in all business transactions, extensive testing is performed by our third-party test facilities in the US, China, and Malaysia. All our partners are certified by strict standards within the military, aerospace, and medical industries.

J2 Sourcing is committed to contributing to the UN Global Sustainability Goals. We have extensive programs in place for Excess Material, hazardous waste, and the disposal of chemicals.



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