AS9120 Certification | Requirements for Aviation Space & Defence Distributors

AS9120 Certification | Requirements for Aviation Space & Defence Distributors

The AS9120B certification provides substantial value to our customers in the aerospace and defense industries by ensuring that your business adheres to specific, high standards of quality management and operational integrity.

Here’s a breakdown of the key values this certification brings to our customers:

1. Enhanced Quality and Reliability

  • Consistency: Certified distributors are required to have stringent quality control processes that ensure the consistency and reliability of every product delivered.
  • Lower Defect Rates: Rigorous quality checks help reduce the likelihood of defects, meaning customers receive products that are more likely to perform as expected without causing operational disruptions.

2. Supply Chain Integrity

  • Traceability: The certification demands detailed tracking of parts from the manufacturer to the customer, which enhances the ability to verify the origin of parts and their compliance with specifications.
  • Reduced Risk of Counterfeit Parts: AS9120B strongly emphasizes preventing counterfeit and fraudulent parts from entering the supply chain and protecting customers from potential failures and legal issues associated with these parts.

3. Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance Assurance: Distributors with AS9120B certification are regularly audited to ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations and standards. This helps our customers meet their own compliance requirements more easily.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Certified distributors maintain comprehensive records that can be crucial for customers during their own audits and inspections.

4. Operational Efficiency

  • Streamlined Supply Chain: Efficient and well-managed supply chains reduce lead times and improve delivery schedules, which in turn helps customers manage their inventory more effectively and reduce overhead costs.
  • Emergency Handling: The ability to handle urgent orders effectively, as certified distributors are better prepared with the processes and infrastructure needed to respond quickly in critical situations.

5. Risk Management

  • Risk Reduction: With established processes for handling quality issues, the certification helps minimize the risk of parts failure that could lead to costly downtime or safety incidents.
  • Enhanced Safety: By ensuring only the highest quality parts are used, the certification helps improve the overall safety of the end products in which these parts are used.

6. Customer Confidence and Trust

  • Trust Building: Certification acts as a reassurance to our customers that they are dealing with a reputable distributor who meets globally recognized standards.
  • Market Reputation: Working with a certified distributor enhances a customer’s reputation by association, as it shows commitment to quality and safety.

7. Competitive Advantage

  • Exclusive Partnerships: Some manufacturers and OEMs require their partners to be AS9120B certified, so having this certification can open up new business opportunities for our customers by qualifying them to partake in these high-standard supply chains.

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