Excess Solutions

Excess Solutions

J2 Sourcing offers different types of excess solutions, and we find an optimal solution in close collaboration with our partners. Through our network we will find a new use for your excess components.

Virtual Consignment – While listing your excess through our various outlets, the physical inventory remains in your warehouse.

Consignment –  Move your inventory to J2 Sourcing and free up space at your warehouse. We will market and sell your component to the highest bidder.

Sell Your Excess – J2 Sourcing will offer to buy all your surplus inventory.

Our priority is finding a tailored solution that suits your needs by analyzing the excess components you present to us.

Use the form below to upload your Excess list. Supported formats include xls, xlsx, and csv. Once uploaded, your Excess list will be routed to a J2 Sourcing sales representative for immediate follow-up.

Send us your excess list.