Excess Solution

Turning old inventory into new business

Excess Solution

J2 Sourcing offers a complete excess inventory management service for the semiconductor industry. We provide 3 excess solutions: buying, virtual consignment, and physical consignment to fit customers’ needs. Our buying program offers immediate payment, while virtual and physical consignment provide cost-effective storage solutions. With our experience in the industry, customers can trust us to manage their excess inventory following industry standards. Our service saves customers valuable time and resources.

We know that managing excess inventory can be a challenge, so we offer a comprehensive excess management service, helping you turn your excess inventory into cash. Whether you need to liquidate end-of-life products or manage slow-moving inventory, we can help.

Turning old inventory into new business.

Why J2 Sourcing Excess Solution

Get the best value for excess inventory

We offer to buy excess inventory outright or sell it through virtual or physical consignment, ensuring that customers get the best value for their surplus items.

Save time and reduce effort

We handle all aspects of the excess management process, freeing up customers' time and reducing the effort required to manage their excess inventory.

Maximize return on investment

Customers can reach a more extensive client base, boost their chances of selling surplus items, and maximize their return on investment by selling excess inventory through our numerous outlets.

Streamline excess inventory management

Our virtual and physical consignment options simplify the excess inventory management process, allowing customers to focus on their core business activities.

Reduce storage costs

Move your excess inventory to J2 Sourcing and free up space at your warehouse. Our consignment solution helps customers reduce their storage costs.

Ensure compliance with industry standards

Our expertise in the semiconductor industry ensures that customers' excess inventory is handled in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Virtual Consignment

J2 Sourcing offers a virtual consignment solution to sell excess inventory through multiple outlets without moving items from the warehouse. This allows for a larger customer reach, increased sales potential and retained control and ownership of the items. It's an efficient and cost-effective way to manage excess inventory, eliminating transportation and storage costs. J2 Sourcing's virtual consignment enables easy management of excess inventory from the comfort of the warehouse for quick and efficient sales.


By purchasing all surplus items, J2 Sourcing provides a hassle-free way to liquidate excess inventory. This is a simple and convenient method for eliminating excess inventory and freeing up storage space. From inspection to payment, J2 Sourcing manages the complete transactional process. Offers a simple and trustworthy option for selling excess inventory, maximizing value and easing the management process.

Buying Excess

J2 Sourcing offers a hassle-free solution to sell excess inventory by purchasing all surplus items. This provides a quick and convenient way to dispose of excess inventory and free up warehouse space. J2 Sourcing handles the entire transaction process from inspection to payment. Offers an easy and reliable solution for selling excess inventory, providing the best value and simplifying the management process.

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