Quality & Sustainability

Supply Chain

At J2 Sourcing we appreciate our suppliers and take great pride in the Ecosystem we have developed over the years. Our complete supply chain is controlled and evaluated by our Supply & Logistics organization which goes to great length to approve and audit our new and existing business partners.


All items that enter and leave our hubs are checked and controlled in accordance with PRO-STD-001 & IDEA-STD-1010-B inspection procedures. Our Quality Control staff are regularly taking part in activities to develop and fine tune their skills, as well as keeping their certifications up to date with external education programs.


To maintain a high level of integrity and trust in all business transactions, extensive testing is performed by third-party test facilities in US, China, and Malaysia.
All our partners are certified by strict standards within the military, aerospace, and medical industries.


J2 Sourcing is committed to contributing to the UN Global Sustainability Goals. We have extensive programs in place for Excess Material, hazardous waste, and the disposal of chemicals.

ISO 9001 & 14001




REACH statement


RoHS statement