Tail Spend Management

Focus on strategic initiatives

Tail Spend Management

Tail spend management is an often-overlooked aspect of procurement, yet it can represent a significant portion of a company’s budget. In the semiconductor and electronic industries, it is especially important for OEMs and EMS companies to manage their tail spend effectively to ensure a smooth and cost-effective supply chain.

– Our management of your tail suppliers supports significant and sustainable improvements in sourcing and supply chain management efforts.

– Our dedicated team brings higher flexibility to your supply-demand peaks.

– We optimize and improve your warehouse’s yearly turnover resulting in lower costs and less inventory.

By letting J2 Sourcing handle your tail spend, you can:

Reduce inventory cost

Improve supplier performance

Reduce risk

Free up internal resources

Increase visibility and control

Focus on strategic initiatives

J2 Sourcing Tail Spend Solution

Data has shown that companies that work with J2 Sourcing have seen a significant reduction in procurement costs, improved supplier performance, and an overall reduction in supply chain risk. In one case study, a customer reported a 25% reduction in procurement costs after working with J2 Sourcing for only one year. In addition, 94% of customers have reported improved supplier performance and 97% have seen a reduction in supply chain risk. These results show that by letting J2 Sourcing handle your tail spend, you can expect to see tangible benefits in your procurement processes.