Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions as well as IML 2000 shall apply unless otherwise agreed. If the provision of IML 2000 does not correspond to these terms and conditions, the latter shall take the precedence.

Complaints etc
Damage on goods on the arrival at the purchaser’s premises shall be reported immediately to the carrier, irrespective of the conditions of the packaging.
The seller’s liability shall be limited to the defects that are reported in writing, along with the reason for rejection, to the seller within:
seven (7) days for goods that do not correspond with the accompanying documentation,
seven (7) days for damaged goods and
thirty (30) days for undamaged goods that fail to meet manufacturer’s specification.

When reporting defective goods, the purchaser shall request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number which will be issued in writing by J2 Sourcing after approval of the rejection of the defective goods. Upon request from the seller the purchaser shall produce a fault report by an qualified inspector. The purchaser shall return the defective goods, freight prepaid, to the seller within ten (10) days after receipt of the written RMA number. The RMA number shall be displayed on the outside of the packaging. The seller reserves the right to refuse to accept any rejected goods where the RMA number is not so displayed or upon which a surcharge has been imposed.

If the seller finds a return to be unwarranted, the seller is entitled to charge a fee of twenty (20) percent of the price of the returned goods.

Liability for damages
The seller works hard to ensure that delivery times are met, but cannot be held financially liable for late deliveries due to delays from the manufacturer, distributor or similar supplier.

The seller is under no circumstances liable for the purchaser’s indirect damages.

The seller provides no guarantee for goods supplied unless expressly stated in the quotation or order confirmation.

For disputes to be resolved by arbitration, the rules of the arbitration institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s fast track dispute resolution shall apply. Arbitration shall take place in Malmö.

All prices are quoted exclusive VAT. The seller reserves the right to change quoted prices without prior notice, due to changes to the manufacturer’s prices or other factors outside the seller’s control.

Personal data
J2 Sourcing will process and store personal data in accordance with GDPR (http://www.j2sourcing.com/privacy).

Intellectual Property Rights
All software or other intellectual property provided by the seller shall remain the seller’s property and may only be used by the purchaser in the manner and for the purpose expressly permitted by written agreement.